40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars For Sale ($100 FV, Circulated)


40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars For Sale ($100 FV, Circulated)

Year Random
Mint Mark Varies
Purity 0.4
Manufacturer US Mint
Thickness 2.15 mm
Diameter 3.6 mm
Denomination 100
Condition Circulated
Face Value $100
Issuing Country United States
Obverse Designer Gilroy Roberts
Reverse Designer Frank Gasparro
Edge Design Reeded
Series Kennedy Half Dollars
CoA No
Packaging Type Resealable Bag
Metal Weight 29.5 Troy Ounces
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40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars For Sale ($100 FV, Circulated)

Despite the silver appearance of most US circulation coins today, all modern American coinage is a cupro-nickel alloy that combines copper and nickel in the metallic composition for increased durability. Prior to 1970, US coins had at least 40% silver content, and before that most US silver coins had 90% silver content. Right now you have a chance to purchase $100 (USD) face value bags of 40% Silver Coins from Omega Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives inside a linen bag with $100 (USD) total in half-dollar coins!
  • Each coin contains 40% silver!
  • Contains 29.5 Troy oz of actual silver content.
  • Individual coins bear face values of $.50 (USD) backed by the federal government.
  • Obverse side features the bust of John F. Kennedy.
  • Reverse includes the presidential seal.

In this product listing, you have the chance to purchase a total of $100 (USD) worth of US half-dollar coins. These coins are all guaranteed to contain 40% silver content. In this bag, you’ll find a total of 200 individual US half-dollar coins. Each coin has an individual face value of $.50 (USD).

US silver coins issued prior to 1964 had 90% silver content. This included denominations such as the dime, quarter, half-dollar, and silver dollar coins issued until 1935. Rising silver prices in the 1960s pushed the US Mint to reduce the silver content of circulation coins in order to control costs.

As a result, the 90% silver content of American coins was dropped starting in 1965 to include just 40% silver. The image of President John F. Kennedy is the most recent change to the US half-dollar coinage and the last one to feature on US coins with 40% silver content. The Kennedy bust was added to the half dollar in 1964 in place of Benjamin Franklin and remains there today on cupro-nickel coins.

On the obverse of the 40% Silver Coins in this $100 Face Value bag, you’ll find the left-profile portrait of President John F. Kennedy. Almost immediately following his assassination in November 1963 there was a push to replace Benjamin Franklin on the half dollar in favor of the beloved president. Gilroy Roberts designed the left-profile bust which includes “Liberty” above, a date of issue below, and the motto “In God We Trust.”

The reverse side of all the US half-dollar coins in this 40% silver listing features the Presidential Seal. Designed by Frank Gasparro, it depicts the American bald eagle with the national seal on its chest, an olive branch in one talon, and the arrows of war in the other.

Omega Bullion cannot guarantee the condition or specific year of issue of any coin in this bag. The 40% Silver Coins available in this bag are guaranteed to feature 40% silver content and add up to a total of $100 (USD).

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