90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV, Circulated)


90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV, Circulated)

Year Random
Mint Mark Not Shown
Purity .900
Manufacturer US Mint
Condition Varied
Face Value $0.10
Issuing Country United States
Edge Design Reeded
Series Dimes
CoA No
Packaging Type Bag of Various Design
Package Dimensions 5.3×8.7×2.5
Metal Weight 143 Troy Ounces
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90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV, Circulated)

Please note that we cannot guarantee any specific condition or type of dime. Also note that the bag in which these coins are packaged may differ from the one shown in the picture and will be of our choice.

Omega Bullion is proud to offer this striking set of pre1965 silver dimes from the United States Mint. The complete set contains an impressive 143 troy ounces of silver, with each individual dime minted from 90% pure silver. Its total face value is $200 USD. The exceptionally high silver content of these dimes is due to their individual years of mintage, which predates the discontinuation of silver currency in the mid-1960’s. Since their suspension, coins containing any trace of genuine silver are considered a rare and valuable find among collectors.

With the wide array of designs featured on the dime, collectors will be able to observe the artistic evolution that occurred in the dime’s design. For instance, prior the Franklin D. Roosevelt portrait, the front of the coin bore several artistic renditions of Lady Liberty. These depictions included Lady Liberty wearing a Mercury-inspired winged helmet and another with her donning a laurel wreath. Collectors will also be delighted to note the variations in artwork featured on the reverse side. These designs have progressed from an agricultural wreath to a fasces entwined with an olive branch and finally, the iconic trio of a torch, an olive branch and an oak branch. While Omega Bullion cannot promise that every design will be included or that the coins will be in any particular condition, we can guarantee that you will receive $200 face value of 90% US Silver Dimes.

With its strong value and artistic merit, this $200 set of pre-1965 dimes is certain to become popular among investors and coin enthusiasts alike. To protect our customers’ interests, all orders are carefully packaged and insured against theft, loss or damage. Shipping and insurance is completely free of charge.

90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV 90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV 90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV 90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV 90% Silver Dimes For Sale ($200 FV


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